In this way the Corona epidemic affects the activity of Gatorade Center

Restrictions on public events will continue at least until 26.4.2021

How have the restrictions affected the activity of the Center?

Gatorade Center has been in the center of pulic events for decades and the Center is known as the venue for large public events and also as the home hall of the traditional ice hockey team TPS. When we lived in time before the coronavirus, the multipurpose Center in Turku was full of action and bustle. Lots of multicultural events and best of all; people filled with joy.

The experiences of the Center created intoxication of the audience, rousing concerts, moments by the ice hockey rink that will forever be remembered and much more. It brought together people who share a common interest, touchable joy and excitement time after time, when the favorite artist of the audience walked on stage, when the puck was dropped on ice or when the buzzer rang after the home team scored a goal.

This is how it was, until from December 2019 the COVID-19 named virus from China’s Wuhan’s area spread around the world and also arrived in Finland. Because of the strict restrictons of the ongoing pandemic the doors of the Center were eventually closed from the audience to minimize the infection situaton.

Gatorade Center strictly adheres to the restrictions set by the Southwest Finland's Regional Administraive Agency and wants to play its part in slowing down the aggravation of the infection. Because of the restrictions, a big part of the main activity of the Center has been suspended. Events can’t be arranged and the dates has been postponed. 

The league matches of Turun Palloseura will continue normally towards the Playoffs. The League continues taking into account regional restrictive measures in accordance with a previosuly published progam. The regional restriction measures do not affect the League regular season program. Matches are played without audience as the regional audience restrictions continues. TPS has been in contact with season ticket holders and partners about this.

TPS-lunch will be suspended for now, starting 29.3.2021


Looking forward to the future!

There is also positive news in the middle of difficult times. Have you already read about the Ice-Expo that will be arranged 13.8.-14.8.2021? Ice-Expo sounds like a cool, even like a cold event, but the reality is something else.

What is the Ice-Expo made of? It’s made of ice sport content, top lectures, trainings, international level guests and ofcourse the exhibition stands of the most interesting companies in the republic.

And of course the entire HC TPS League team will be there, whose players will sell you season tickets until you buy. To respect the traditions, the desired equiptments of the Locker Room Sale will be  available to visitors. Of course!

If the heat already rised, go read more here. Hope to see you at the Expo!


Remember to order yourself the right clothing to the Expo from TPS Shop. Even if the doors of the Center are closed, the website of TPS Shop is lively as the spring approaches and the website will serve you around the clock. You can still represent the colour and support the hockey club despite the restrictions.

And not to forget the approaching Mother’s Day! Fast action is recommendable to order the coolest present for the hockeymom!


Go check the products and selection of TPS Shop here.


Here’s a tip for the worst hall separation anxiety, go listen TPS official hockey podcast, Honeycast!

The whole world has been faced with an extremely challenging situation as a result of the situation. Right now the need to experience experiences is bigger than ever.

HC TPS wants to help its community and partners during hard times. Now if ever the common strenght, support and faith are needed for the future. In this situation the communality made possible and strengthened by the sport world is our way to help.

Take a good position on the couch, or speed up on your evening jog with Honeycast! The Honeycast will stay by your side from the beginnning to the end and keep you up to date.


You can listen Honeycast on Spotify, Supla or PodBean.


Find out more and follow TPS news here.


TPS shares the pain of supporters, partners and the whole community and reminds that the time together is yet to come.


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