Parking and public transport

Gatorade Center is located in Artukainen, approximately 5 kilometres from the Turku centre, and it's easily accessible by car. The street address is Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku. Gatorade Center is situated right next to Turku Fair Center.

You can arrive in Turku from Helsinki or Tampere by bus or train in under two hours. Gatorade Center you can reach by public transport (Föli), by car or by bicycle paths.


There are about 1 200 parking spaces in Gatorade Center and the parking fee in most events is 6 €. We highly recommend reserving some cash to pay for the parking.

Handicap parking is near the main entrance and it is free in events.

There are 3 000 parking places in the proximity of the Turku Fair Center. Fair Center's parking parking lot is operated by The Turku Fair Center staff and it can be accessed from Kirjaltajankatu or Artukaisten kiitotie. Please check the up to date information from Turku Fair Center's home page.


Public transport


Route 100

The Föli route 100 operates from the Market Square to Gatorade Center in almost every big public event. Each event has its own timetable, which can be accessed here. Remember to check Föli's pages for confirmation that the route 100 operates to the event in question.

Route for line 100: T87 (Linnankatu 13) - Linnankatu - Koulukatu - Ratapihankatu - Tukholmankatu - Ruissalontie - Vaasantie - Pansiontie - Länsikaari - Messukatu - Kirjaltajankatu - Gatorade Center

Other routes

Other routes that arrive near Gatorade Center are 12 and 61 (Suikkilantie) and 32 (Messukentänkatu). Route 99 (Artukaistentie) is circular route that doesn't go to the city centre. Föli traffic planner can show you the best route to Gatorade Center.

Nearest bus stops and route numbers

Timetables for the stops mentioned in the picture can be found here. Gatorade Center or the event organizer aren't responsible for changes in routes and timetables.



You can travel to Gatorade Center conveniently by taxi (02 100 41).


Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku

029 323 1922